Why Buy EMF Protection Products?

Why Buy EMF Protection Products?The question is asked, “Why buy emf protection products?” The simple answer is, electromagnetic (em) and microwave radiation can play a contributing role in our overall health and well-being.

Historically, in nature, emf and microwave radiation exist at very low levels, occurring in thunderstorms and lightning strikes. However, since the 1800s the building of power lines, increase in electronics and the spread of electricity worldwide has exposed man to levels of em radiation never experienced before.

Technology has Surpassed Man’s Ability to Evolve

EMF field strength from 1879-2019Simply, technological advancements have outpaced man’s adaptive, evolutionary response. While experts and scientists argue as to whether there are consequences, side-effects or effects caused by these unseen radiation fields, people continue to report symptoms in greater numbers year after year.

As a person who is sensitive to emfs, I’m not waiting for someone to tell me that certain symptoms I experience are or not related to em radiation. I prefer to use my own intelligence and common sense coupled with research and experimentation to determine whether there are consequences to emf and microwave radiation on the body.

Since you’re on my site reading this, there’s a good chance you’re either exploring the same questions or have reached a similar conclusion. Indeed, emf radiation is making us sick not just individually but as a society as well.

I think anyone who is open to researching the matter can do so by going online. Year after year, more data is released that can help you determine the merits of considering some form of emf protection, which may help reduce the negative effects from em and microwave radiation.

My personal journey to reduce emf symptoms has led to me exploring various products and as to whether they worked for me. My experience as a wellness consultant and working with hundreds of clients has allowed me to confirm how they work for others.

When working with individuals and families, I also wanted to work with a product line that was affordable. Many emf protection devices are expensive and I sometimes think people equate a high price to mean the product is better. Sometimes this may be true, but not always.

In all probability, the average household will use several devices to address the emf “problem.” I wanted to work with a product line that was affordable to everybody. I Also, wanted scientific research to back up the claims that the device I’m using works. And what I’m selling on this site meets that criteria.

How Can We Protect Ourselves?

One brand of em protection devices I sell is the ADR emf protection line.

There are three types of devices:ADR Protect and the ADR Shield Shown Together

  1. The ADR PROTECT EMF PERSONAL PROTECTOR, a small stick on device that you place on your cell phone, and other electronic devices.
  2. There is the companion ADR EMF SHIELD, which is a ceramic disk placed in the home and office.
  3. The ADR TEX EMF Mats which block electrical and emf fields.
  4. And other ADR products such as the ADR Pad, ADR Chair Mat and the ADR Revitalizer Plate.


The ADR emf protection products are sold worldwide and have been around for at least 15-20 years.

You can find more information on these products when you click on them individually. I’ve also created deal packs to further save you money.

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