ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Mat


The ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Mat is an electric field screen based on an advanced technology of dielectric composites, which provides protection against harmful electric & EMF fields.

ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Mat

ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair MatThe ADR TEX EMF Chair Mat is an electric field screen using dielectric composites. Specifically, using the advanced technology of composite dielectrics, the ADR Chair Mat provides superb protection against harmful electric fields.

This Chair Mat gives highly effective protection against electromagnetic fields which are emitted by telecommunication devices such as mobile phones and base transceiver stations (2G GSM/GPRS, 3G UMTS/HSPA, 4G LTE, 5G), Wi-Fi routers, digital TV and radar. Furthermore, the ADR Chair Mat also protects us from fields produced by household electrical cables and circuits, as well as electrical and electronic appliances.

Why Block EMF Radiation?

All electronic devices emit non-ionizing radiation. Scientists have research proving the effects of EMF radiation exposure are harmful to people. Therefore, placing an electronic device close to your body means an increase in symptoms from radiation exposure. According to the World Health Organization, electromagnetic radiation might be carcinogenic, so monitoring exposure to EMF radiation makes good sense.

EMFs Damage DNA

EMFs Damage DNA.
Electromagnetic radiation damages DNA.

The Importance of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) lies in its long-term information storage, which relates to the instruction, development and functioning of all known living organisms.

Damage to DNA occurs continuously from internal and external processes. Moreover, scientific studies are piling-up, confirming the destructive effects electromagnetic fields have on the chromosomal structure and DNA. Indeed, DNA damage leads to faulty cell division, leading to an increase in cell death, aging or the creation of Cancer cells.

In an interesting paper by J.L. Phillips et al. / Pathophysiology 16 (2009) 79 – writes “A major concern of the adverse effects of exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic field (EMF) is cancer induction. Since the majority of cancers are initiated by damage to a cell’s genome, studies have been carried out to investigate the effects of EMF fields on DNA and chromosomal structure. Additionally, DNA damage can lead to changes in cellular functions and cell death”.

The day-night cycles (circadian clock) play an important role in the repair of DNA. During the night, there is no UV damage made by the sun because it minimizes the reactive-oxygen species resulting from metabolism. Therefore, DNA replication is the fastest at night.

The ADR TEX EMF Chair Mat is an Electric Field Screen

Use the ADR TEX EMF Chair Mat to protect against electronic fatigueThe ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Mat promotes protection against harmful electric fields in your home. Generally, sources of electric fields in your home are electric circuits, sockets, cables and electric household appliances. In due time, this electrical smog exerts biological effects, causing an increase in body temperature and interfering with the working of the brain and the body’s immune system.

Because the ADR Chair Mat mimics the absorption of low-frequency electric fields by the human body, the Mat significantly reduces electronic fatigue. Further, the Chair Mat reduces doziness and increases alertness when sitting at home or at the office.

Increasing Influence of Electronic Devices

EMF Field Increase from 1879 to 2019

EMFs have a negative impact on the human body because of its interference with basic vital function of the organism. The electrical currents in the human body are part of normal body functions because nerve signals are based on electrical pulses. Many biochemical reactions, such as digestion or brain activity, result from electrical processes.

One can expect that long-term exposure to EMFs, even of low strength, may cause a general feeling of being unwell [1]. An alarming article suggests that “electromagnetic smog” causes many of modern civilization’s diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes [2].

ADR®TEX Shield Technology

ADR TEX absorbing 60 Hz frequencyHuman exposure to EMF is not a new problem. However, the rapid and uncontrolled increase of electrical energy usage, Fig. 1, in the 20th century together with the development of electronics, IT, telecommunications, satellite navigation, as well as diagnostic and industrial devices have brought us not only to analyze this hazard of civilization but also to invent methods to screen, filter and protect against such EMF radiation.

ADR Technology’s EMF Shields is one answer to these challenges.

ADR shields are composite systems and have many components which provide a new advance in the design of EMF protection. It is because of a careful selection of the constituent parts, their volumetric ratios, and the way they are interconnected. Indeed, we design screens to absorb or reflect a specific EMF frequency range and optimize the degree of its screening efficiency.

Finally, the screening efficiency of the electrical field by the field absorption part of TEX fabric, as a function of field frequency, is shown in the graphic below. This part covers all effects generated by home electricity of 60 Hz.

Graphic showing a mattress without and with ADR Protection

The reflective component of the ADR®TEX fabric extends up to higher frequencies. For example, EMF shielding at 10 GHz is 99.99% (-35 dBm).

This graphic applies to ALL ADR TEX EMF Protection products.

Your ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Mat


The ADR EMF Protection Chair Mat is composed of an active component containing a composite: a multi-phase system based on ADR Technology® inserted between two protective layers.

ADR TEX is designed to absorb harmful low-frequency electric and electromagnetic fields in a manner similar to that of the human body. The human body comprises about 60% water dispersed in various ways. Therefore, to mimic the absorption of static and low-frequency electromagnetic fields by the human body, we designed an electric field screen in the form of a many-phase system comprising a polymer matrix in which various, water containing phases, are randomly dispersed.

The ADR TEX involves use of the distributed water electric field absorption in the dielectric screening material. The absorbed energy converts into heat. This heat is so small, it has no noticeable effect on the user.

The ADR TEX EMF Chair Mat screens electric and electromagnetic fields ranging from low frequencies up to radio frequencies (10 GHz -35dBm – 99,87%).

ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Mat Instructions

You can sit directly on the padded ADR Chair Mat. However, to extend the mat’s life, I recommend placing another cushion on top of it.

You can use the mat at home or office, but using it in the car is also helpful. Further, people using electric mobility scooters will find the ADR Mat useful. Also, animals are sensitive to EMF radiations. Therefore, I recommend the mat beneath some blankets in the pet’s sleeping basket or area.

The ADR EMF Protection Chair Mat is handmade, designed to protect your body from electromagnetic radiation. Tested by a certified laboratory at the Institute of Molecular Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, it’s the most effective and convenient way to protect yourself and your family.

The ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Mat is waterproof and steam-permeable. They make the ADR TEX EMF Chair Mat from high-quality materials. Further, the mat is hypo-allergenic and does not require a power supply or grounding.

Size: 14″ x 14″ / 35 x 35 cm

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