ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate


Poor health & energy is often a result of dead, devitalized, microwaved and radiated foods. The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate, through its patented technology, is able to revitalize food and water by its ability to bring organization at the atomic level.

Place any food or beverage on the ADR-4  Revitalizer Plate for about 2 – 3 minutes to vitalize.

ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate for Food and Water

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate increases the vitality of food and water placed on it for two minutes.

ADR-4 Revitalizer PlateIf microwaves create molecular disorganization, then the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate will help restore the molecules back into their natural state. This benefit varies depending upon the degree to how devitalized the food or water is.

The main idea here to consider is that good food and water lead to good health; bad food and water leads to bad health. Therefore, the higher the vibration of foods we ingest leads to increased health levels with a reduction in ill health episodes.

Many customers have noted that food and water placed on the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate is subjectively experienced as an improvement of the flavor of the revitalized food or drink.

The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate is used for energizing beverages and food. Based on scientific principles, the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate organizes and allows for random and chaotic atoms to return to their natural positions. This results in water molecule structures returning to their natural crystalline structure, which then forms a matrix often called seen in water and called CLUSTERED WATER.

Many people believe that drinking good quality water will contribute to better health and energy.

ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate Uses

ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate with Vegies on it chargingPlace the item you want to revitalize on the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate for about 2 – 3 minutes. It’s as simple as that. To get the most from this device, I recommend you choose good quality produce, meats, veggies, etc., as this will lead to the best results.

Poor quality ingredients may also be enhanced and even chips, chocolate, wine or any foodstuff may receive a boost by sitting on the Revitalizer Plate for a couple of minutes.


For those that garden or care-take plants, you will find that by using revitalized water, your plants will be more healthy. I have had many customers inform me that by using the ADR Revitalizer Plate to create revitalized water to water their plants, their plants grew larger, were healthier and required less fertilizer.


Vitalize your pets' food and water using the ADR-4 Revitalizer PlateDon’t forget to energize your pet’s kibbles, snacks, food and water.

By understanding the concept behind the ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate will open doors for many other uses that are not listed here.

In my talks, I discuss the idea of enhancing consciousness (and health) based on the idea that as cells become disorganized, their ability to communicate in a direct and organic fashion is disrupted. If the cells are organized, then the transmission of information through the organism is enhanced and immediate, which results in faster response times to events taking place in the world inside and outside ourselves.

ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate with Glass of WaterFor those that wish to explore more on the theory and principle of the ADRs, which also employ specific mathematical relationship of the embedded magnets may reference Modular Element of Energy Transformation. The author of all the ADR units is a Polish inventor, Stanislaw Adrian Wosinski, M.Sc. The ADR-4 Revitalizer Plate is an energy stimulator patented in Poland – Pat. Pending P320179.

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