Quality Leather Pouches Ideal for Protecting, Storing and Organizing your Pendulums.

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Large and small pendulum pouch

Researching Pendulum Pouches

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to try out and use a variety of pendulum pouches available on the market.

Many of the pouches I’ve tried are made from fabric, faux leather, velvet, suede or felt. Some pouches used draw-strings, Velcro or snaps to close the pouch.

However, over time I found that each pouch had a deficiency when used in real-life situations. I say over time because not all problems reveal themselves immediately. The true test is how a dowsing tool pouch performs 6 months or two years later.

Many of the pendulum pouches I tried became worn. Some developed holes or did not close satisfactorily. Others allowed dirt and lint to enter the pouch. Often the string or chain dangled outside the pouch and tangled with items in my pocket. Sometimes the pendulum escaped from the pendulum pouch itself.

What I was looking for was something that could withstand the rigors of “pocket life” keeping my pendulum protected from the contents of items in my pants.

The pouch must be able to withstand the friction and chafing that takes place in a pocket that has other things in it like car keys, pens, coins and other paraphernalia.

Further, the pendulum pouch must not wear, fray, or develop holes which compromise its purpose and necessitates buying a replacement pouch… in time.

The other attribute I was looking for in my pendulum pouch was the ability to keep the contents of the pouch in the pouch.

I discovered that certain materials were too thin to hold heavy pendulums. This led to an erosion of the pouch material from within. Often poor quality snaps or ties allowed the pendulum to escape into my pocket.

Finding the Best Pouch

After searching and trying many pouches, I finally came across the small and large leather pendulum pouches that I sell on my site.

The small leather pouch sits comfortably in my pocket, and after years of use still looks new. More importantly, this pouch has never leaked any of its contents into my pocket. It’s proven to be reliable, and I’ve never needed to purchase another pouch again.

Now you can protect your important pendulums knowing that your dowsing tools are safely separated from coins and pocket lint.

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