ADR EMF Shield Smart Saver Deal


ADR EMF Shield Smart Saver Deal – Save Money – Buy 5 get the 6th FREE!

ADR EMF Shield Smart Saver Deal

The ADR EMF Shield Smart Saver Deal saves you money. Buy 5 ADR Shields and receive the 6th for FREE!

ADR EMF Shield Smart Saver Deal
The ADR EMF Shield blocks 50 & 60 Hz alternating frequencies.

The ADR EMF Shield ceramic disc reduces effects from exposure to electromagnetic (EMF), microwave, geopathic, and other negative fields in the surrounding environment.

Using patented ADR Technology of dielectric composites, the ADR Shield absorbs and disperses a wide range of frequencies. Furthermore, the ADR Shield blocks the household frequencies 50 and 60 Hz.

Placing the ADR Shield directly above an alternating field source will give the best results. The same is equally true if you place the ADR EMF Shield over geopathic sources, like water veins running beneath the home or office.

The ADR EMF Shield Smart Saver Deal

For full EMF protection, you may require more than one ADR Shield. For example, in a home with an upstairs, main landing and basement optimum coverage results with an ADR EMF Shield on each floor. The average area coverage of the ADR Shield is approximately 1100 sq. feet. Therefore, assessing your needs to ensure proper coverage is a good idea.

That’s why I offer this deal of buy 5 ADR Shields and get the 6th FREE.

Quick Notes

For more complete information, see ADR EMF Shield.

ADR EMF Shield - Use
Place the ADR Shield on or near any electrical source.

EMF field effects are cumulative depending on constitution, exposure time and distance. The ADR EMF Shield comes as a ceramic disc that is 2 5/8″ (72 mm) in diameter. Place the disc embossed side up. The disc provides a circular protective field with a general coverage of about 1,100 sq. feet (100 sq. meter). However, if the intensity of geopathic or EMF radiation is high, use several discs to neutralize, balance or modulate the negative zones.

You may find the services of an experienced dowser to be helpful, or by learning how to dowse yourself. For those that prefer a more scientific approach, the use of various meters such as a Gauss meter or Tri-meter that measures different types of FIELDS can assist you in identifying EMF hot zones.

The ADR Shield disc can also be placed in the fridge, placed close to the power supply (near or under the fuses). This will help protect the vital nutrients of food.

Sometimes the ceramic disc is chipped, but this in no way affects the Shield’s functionality.

IMPORTANT! For best results place the embossed side of the ADR Shield face up.

The ADR Shield is maintenance free. Moreover, it requires no power supply, doesn’t need recharging and has no side-effects. The ADR Shield is a necessary device for every home and office.

Use the ADR EMF Shield and the ADR Protect Together

For best results, I recommend using the ADR Protect EMF Personal Protector. Indeed, the ADR EMF Shield works in the environment for home and office, but the ADR Protect provides immediate close-up protection for individuals. This way you have personal protection and when at home gain the benefits of both devices. Furthermore, many people with extreme EMF sensitivity find the combination of the ADR Protect and the ADR Shield especially effective for reducing or eliminating symptoms arising from electro-stress.

Size and Weight of the ADR EMF Shield

ADR EMF Shield
The ADR Shield blocks a wide spectrum of EM fields, including the common 50 – 60 Hz frequencies found in the home and office.

2 5/8″ (72 mm)

72 gm

Suggested for Home / Office placement.

The ADR EMF Shield Smart Saver deal saves you money.

Receive 6 ADR Shields but only pay for five.

Place around the home, office and outdoors to help reduce symptoms associated with EMF, Geopathic and other negative energy fields.

ADR Shield 6 Pack. Buy 5 get the 6th FREE!

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