Selecting a Pendulum: Understanding the Differences

Selecting a Pendulum

Selecting a Pendulum is Personal

Clients often ask me to help them select a pendulum. With several types and styles of pendulums available, pendulum selection is often confusing.

Choosing a pendulum is a fun experience, but for others, it’s a guessing game. So you’re wondering, are there any hard and fast rules when selecting a pendulum?

Not really. But then again, it depends on who you ask.

I recommend selecting a pendulum you are attracted to. Everyone is different, so for me to say you should only start off with a specific pendulum is limited.

Large and Small Triangle, Teardrop Brass PendulumThat being said, I often recommend the Basic Teardrop or Basic Triangle brass pendulums. These pendulums are not too large or too small and are nicely weighted, rotate true and are inexpensive.

When I first started out, my first pendulum was the Searcher Hybrid brass pendulum with a large witness chamber. However, I never used the witness chamber and although the pendulum moved fine, I felt the desire to try another pendulum and see how it compared. I have used most of the pendulums I sell on my site and there are ones I like and others not so much. Since a pendulum is a tool you’ll work with often, it’s important the pendulum “feels good” when you’re using it.


Small, Medium and Large Mer-Isis Brass Pendulums by Size and WeightThe weight of a pendulum can be a determining factor. Heavier pendulums take more energy to move, but once they get going, they give strong feedback. Lighter pendulums are easier to “move” and give a quicker response time.

If you’re a strong or large person, then you may not feel connected to the pendulum if it’s too light. Conversely, if you’re a sensitive or weaker person, then a heavy pendulum may feel ponderous and slow.

I prefer a medium-weight pendulum because, when I’m asking many questions, I like how quickly the pendulum moves on its axis from a “yes” to a “no” position. I find small and light pendulums are not heavy enough and I don’t feel connected to the dowsing tool.

For example, the large Mer-Isis brass pendulum is a heavy pendulum weighing in at 88 grams, whereas the medium Mer-Isis weighs 33 grams and the Small Mer-Isis weighs only 8.0 grams. A couple of times, the large Mer-Isis pendulum dropped from my hand because I lost connection to the pendulum in a meditative state. The heavier the pendulum, the more attention it needs to maintain control.

Pendulum Shapes

Pendulums come in many shapes and sizesPendulums come in many shapes: round, angular, or a mix of both. Round shapes in Nature symbolize a feminine energy. For example, round fruits and vegetables are considered feminine. The pomegranate and melon fit this symbology. In architect, the cathedral with their domed ceilings fit this category.

Masculine energies tend to be angular from square to rectangular. The square jaw of a man sends a different message than the round face. Carrots and tall skyscrapers are examples of masculine symbols.

For many, the pendulum shape is a matter of aesthetics. Everyone is a blend of male and female energy, and no pendulum is only male or female. Therefore, the shape of the pendulum is based more on an intuitive attraction.

The shape of a pendulum can affect how it moves when in use. Depending on how you hold your hand when dowsing, a pendulum may not move in perfect circles. I prefer nice circles and I find some pendulums don’t do that because of the way I hold it when dowsing. But that’s me and that may not be your own experience.

Although pendulums may be designed with a specific purpose (for example, the Mer-Isis is often used for healing) we can use any pendulum for any purpose. It is like choosing a wand in the Harry Potter movies. Look for a pendulum that matches your personality, is consistent in movement, and communicates reliable information.

Brass, Crystal or Wood?

Brass, Crystal or a Wood PendulumWhen selecting a pendulum, you’ll probably choose a brass, crystal or wood pendulum. Is one better than the other?

Brass pendulums are durable and long-lasting. They are energetically neutral with a good feel in movement and weight. Brass pendulums don’t require “clearing” meaning they don’t accumulate emotional energies from the user or the environment.

Crystal pendulums are lighter than brass pendulums but are fragile. I’ve often broken the tip off a crystal pendulum by banging it on a table. Crystal pendulums are fast and responsive.

Crystal pendulums have their own unique energetic signature. For example, the Rose Quartz pendulum is associated with the “heart” chakra. This makes it a good relationship pendulum. Further, the subtle emanations of the crystal affect the user if carried as a personal item. Therefore, the same Rose Quartz will also affect the wearer much in the same way a charm works, again, depending on the attributes of the crystal.

Some crystals are active, dormant, or dead. Further, it’s important the crystal is harmonious with the individual. If the crystal is not suitable, then the crystal will have an antagonistic alignment and work against the overall well-being of the wearer.

Crystals are also accumulators of energy and require periodic clearing or cleansing to remove any negative fields.

Wood pendulums are also a popular option. These pendulums are larger compared to the brass and crystal pendulums. However, they are extremely light. The Wood pendulums are energetically neutral, responsive and easy to read.

For example, the Conical Beech Wood pendulum is easy to use and a favorite among many dowsers. Wood is versatile and long-lasting and doesn’t require clearing.

Experimentation will determine which pendulum works best for you. I often carry a brass and wood pendulum with me in my pendulum pouch.

Own More than One Pendulum

Many dowsers own one or more pendulums. I find some pendulums work better for different dowsing tasks. An artist uses several types of brushes to complete a painting. Similarly, a dowser will benefit from having two or three pendulums available for any assignment.

When choosing another potential pendulum to add to your collection, try using your current pendulum and query what other style of pendulum is a suitable addition. I carry two or three pendulums in my pendulum pouch. If I am not happy with the results, I switch pendulums.

Selecting a Pendulum is Personal

Small White Pendulum Pouch with two brass pendulumsThe key thing to remember is the quality and reliability of the information one receives; so I’m less attached to a specific type of pendulum. If another pendulum isn’t working the way it should, I am not afraid to substitute it for another that feels better.

If you are new to dowsing, the Basic Teardrop, Basic Triangle or Conical Beech Wood are good starting pendulums. As your ability grows, there is a good chance you will want to try other pendulums. By experience, you will find that certain pendulums will work better for different types of dowsing assignments. But are there hard and fast rules? I say go with your inner voice and let experience be your teacher.

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