ADR Mat Electric Radiation Shield Protects Against EM Fields

ADR Mat Electric Radiation Shield Protects Against EM Fields

ADR Mat Electric Radiation Shield Protects
Against EM Fields

The ADR Mat Electric Radiation Shield is an electric field screen based on an advanced technology of dielectric composites. The Mat gives protection against harmful electric fields. The ADR MAT is designed to mimic the absorption of low-frequency electric fields by the human body.

The active part of the ADR MAT consists of a polymer matrix in which various water-containing phases are randomly dispersed.

The exposure to primary and secondary distribution wiring is continuous at night when resting. The ADR MAT, for example, is placed under a mattress to shield and to absorb electric fields, minimizing their effect on the human body during sleep.

The influence of electrical fields can cause sleep disorders, tiredness, an increase in blood pressure, weakening of the immune system and biological clock disruption – all factors that lead to serious illness. The shielding of electric fields helps DNA replication and protein synthesis during the night because human epidermal cells have a higher level of synthesis during the dark cycle of the circadian rhythm.

The ADR Mat supports DNA repair during the night. At night, there is no UV damage from the sun. This means less free radicals due to a slower metabolism. Placing the ADR Mat Electric Field Screen under the mattress promotes deep relaxation. People also report a healthy and regenerative sleep.

The ADR MAT can be placed on interior walls to block radiations from Smart Meters, in a crib or in a pet’s resting place under a blanket.

ADR Graphic Showing Decrease in EM FieldsThe diagram to the left shows the em fields arising from below at 500 V/m. With the ADR Mat placed over the radiation field, the electrical field is reduced to 5 V/m.

For more information, click the link and view the video. It’s a little long, but it gives information on emfs as well. ADR Mat & Products.

Here’s a short video on ADR Products: ADR Line of Products & Uses.

Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible forms of radiation and are grouped into one of two categories:

  • Non-ionizing: low-level radiation generally perceived as harmless to humans
  • Ionizing: high-level radiation which has the potential for cellular and DNA damage


Examples of non-ionizing radiation are:

  • Microwave ovens
  • Computers
  • Smart meters
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) networks
  • Cell Phones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Power lines
  • MRIs


EMF Spectrum
EMF Radiation Spectrum


New studies are underway to evaluate whether constant exposure to non-ionizing is harmful to people. My argument is comparable to time sitting in the sun. 15 – 20 minutes exposure time in the sun is safe, but 10 hours a day, 7 days a week exposure is another thing.

For further information, read Ann Louise Gittleman’s article, The Health Effects of EMFs.

ADR Electrical Shield Chair Mat

The ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Mat is useful for maintaining energy while sitting. The ADR Mats are thin and I’d consider them fragile. However, ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Matthe ADR TEX EMF Protection Chair Mat uses a protective covering, making it more durable. Be that as it may, to protect the ADR Chair Mat, I place it under a cushion so that it’s away from direct wear and tear.

The ADR Mats come in several sizes and fit most mattresses. The Mats block electrical fields so you’ll want to ensure the Mat is large enough to cover the area you’ll be sleeping.

You can re-purpose the ADR Mats in a variety of other ways. For example, I have one placed between myself and the Wi-Fi router. I have one placed over the electrical box. I have a small one beneath my feet at my computer work station, beneath a small rug where I have a lot of wires and a speaker.

To confirm the ADR Mats work as advertised, I took readings using my emf-meter before placing the ADR Mat on my bed, then after. The readings confirmed the ADR Mats significantly reduced the electrical fields.

Dog resting head on floor

If you have a baby or children, consider placing an ADR Mat under blankets in the crib or beneath the mattress for children.

Electrical and magnetic fields also affect animals. Dogs, for example, won’t sleep in negatively radiated zones.

In the past, home owners observed where their dog lay down in the bedroom. The owner moved the dog and placed the bed in that location. If your dog won’t stay in a particular area of the house, it’s a good sign the area is radiated.

The ADR Mats are an effective way to reduce electrical and magnetic fields. Maximize optimum health by using an ADR EMF Protection Mat.

See the complete line of ADR EMF Protection Products: Here

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