Teardrop Simple Brass Dowsing Pendulum


The Basic Teardrop, along with her male sibling, the Basic Triangle, also known as Simple pendulums, are two of the most popular pendulums in use today.

Teardrop Simple Brass Dowsing Pendulum

Teardrop Simple Brass Dowsing PendulumThe Teardrop Simple brass dowsing pendulum has soft curves at the shoulders, tapering to a point.

The Teardrop, raindrop and water drop are one of Nature’s most natural shapes, dynamic and filled with meaning.

Viktor Schauberger

The natural shape of the teardrop pendulum is similar in shape to a dewdrop.

Interesting commentary by Viktor Schauberger from The Fertile Earth: “Many people must surely have noticed that the air suddenly becomesViktor Schauberger conspicuously chillier just before the Sun rises. When the first rays of the Sun light up the forest glades, the wind shifts and all at once all forces and energies change direction and completely different conditions prevail.”

“With the Sun, as if by order, the thriving grasses in these clearing weep. Dew-drops stand in their millions, like tears right on the very tips of grasses in mockery of the hitherto accepted laws of gravity. Only when the dew-drops become warm and therefore lighter do the grasses bend towards the ground.”

Basic Teardrop Brass Pendulum with Dewdrop
Basic Teardrop Brass Pendulum

“If we wade through this dew-water, created by levitational and gravitational forces, with our warm and bare feet, we experience a pleasant tingling sensation which very quickly removes all symptoms of fatigue.”

“In reality, these dew-drops are countless sources of power that discharge their organic energies into the air or the body…”

The Basic Teardrop brass pendulum reflects these unseen and unrecognized natural forces. This pendulum is easy to use, an all-round versatile dowsing tool and suitable for any dowsing task.

The Basic Teardrop brass pendulum is slightly smaller than its male counterpart, the Basic Triangle pendulum and, like the Basic Triangle, is a dependable multi function pendulum.

Left – Basic Teardrop: 2.7 cm / 18.0 gm – (1.06″ / 0.63 oz)
Middle – Small Basic Triangle: 2.5 cm / 6.0 gm – (0.98″ / 0.21 oz)
Left – Large Basic Triangle: 3.7 cm / 20.0 gm – (1.46″ / 0.71 oz)

Comprison sizes of the Teardrop & Triangle Simple brass pendulums
Comparison sizes of Teardrop & Triangle Simple Pendulums