Mer-Isis Brass Pendulum


The Mer-Isis brass pendulum is a beautiful and refined hybrid pendulum combining three radials from the Isis Egyptian with a large collector plate at the bottom for emitting subtle energy downward.

Mer-Isis Brass Pendulum

The Mer-Isis brass pendulum is a hybrid of the Isis Egyptian brass pendulum. This pendulum has the radial antenna of the Isis pendulum, a large collector plate, and a rounded point at the bottom of the plate. This makes the Mer-Isis pendulum a strong “energy” tool for collecting, holding, directing and projecting energies from the dowser.

Mer-Isis Brass PendulumBy using mental focus and intent, the inverted form of the pendulum makes it an excellent transmitter of subtle energies.

The Mer-Isis brass pendulum is an excellent healing type of pendulum, often selected for inserting and extracting energies, colors, vibrations, or mental charging.

This pendulum is my go-to pendulum when I’m balancing chakras or doing other close body work on clients.

The Mer-Isis brass pendulum also performs well as a tool for balancing, mapping, and general inquiries.

This is a beautiful pendulum, with an aura of serenity.

The Mer-Isis brass pendulum is a favorite for those involved in the healing arts.

Does Size Matter?

As an energy pendulum, energy collects on the surface bottom plate and travels down the point to a target end-point. Therefore, the question is, does the size of the plate play a role in the Mer-Isis’ effectiveness as an energy device?

The answer is yes and no. The larger the plate, the more energy the pendulum accumulates and emits. However, I’d like to qualify that statement by saying the larger the collector plate, the greater the potential. But because the pendulum is a tool, an amplifier in this case, when using it for healing, if the mental focus and intent of the operator is weak, then the full potential of the pendulum remains unrealized.

Since a hands-on healer doesn’t require a pendulum, to say a large pendulum guarantees success is misleading. I’m a believer a tool is only as good as the person who operates it.

Mer-Isis Pendulum Sizes & Weights

The picture below shows the relative sizes.

The Large Mer-Isis brass pendulum is a powerful but heavy pendulum weighing in between 85 – 88 grams. I suggest holding it tightly or it will slip from your fingers while using it.

The Small Mer-Isis pendulum is small and very light.

The Medium Mer-Isis is a suitable size and weight for most dowsers.

Mer-Isis Brass Pendulum Size Comparison.
Mer-Isis Pendulum Size Comparison.
  • Small Mer-Isis: 2.2 cm 8.0 gm / (0.87″ – 0.28 oz)
  • Medium Mer-Isis 3.3 cm 33 gm / (1.3″ – 1.16 oz)
  • Large Mer-Isis: 4.4 cm 88 gm / (1.73″ – 3.1 oz)