Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum


The Isis Egyptian Brass pendulum is a sensitive pendulum. The Isis is a symbol for the sacred Cross of Life, with 4 solar discs acting as an antennae array that allows for sending / receiving along a specific wave frequency.

The Small Isis pendulum is a small and very light pendulum.


Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum

Archaeologists discovered the Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum made from sandstone in the 1930s. The Isis pendulum along with the Karnak and Osiris belongs to the family of Egyptian pendulums.

Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum

Large Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum
Large Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum

The Isis Pendulum named after the Egyptian Goddess symbolizes the Ankh known as the Cross of Life. I believe the Isis pendulum with its representative “Solar Discs” is pre-Egyptian and reveals its true extraterrestrial lineage.

The (solar) discs or radial plates sometimes called batteries, enhances the sensitivity of the pendulum. The greater number of solar discs and their size increase the pendulum’s sensitivity.

The Isis brass pendulum with its four discs is a sensitive “receiving and sending” pendulum applicable for any dowsing assignment.

The Isis brass pendulum, along with the Karnak and Osiris brass pendulums belong to the family often classified as Egyptian pendulums.

Isis: The Goddess of Fertility

Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, motherhood, marriage, magic, death, healing and medicine.

Isis the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility
Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of fertility.

There are several myths surrounding Isis in Egypt and Egyptian literature, where she is known as the Queen of all Gods.

Worship of Isis, her temples and her cult spread throughout Egypt and parts of Europe.

Isis was the sister of Osiris and later became Osiris’ wife. She was also the mother of Horus.

Isis represents the spirit of motherhood in its purest form. She is honored as the mother of Horus and all the pharaohs of Egypt. She is said to have nursed Horus and Hathor.

Isis passed on knowledge of cultivation to the Egyptians and how to grow food along the river Nile. Egyptians believe the annual flooding of the Nile were tears from Isis because of the death of her husband when the star Sept (Sirius) appeared in the sky. This annual rite is still celebrated today and is called “The Night of the Drop.”

Using the Isis Egyptian Brass Pendulum

This pendulum is “self-clearing” because of its geometric construction.

Use the Isis pendulum to ask questions and discovery purposes. For example, the dowser can ask, “is this food good for me?” “Did I leave my keys under the bed?” etc. Because the Isis pendulum is a strong “emitting” or broadcasting pendulum, it’s ideal for healing using focused mental intent. You can use the pendulum to mentally “send” healing commands, send specific colors, and vibrationally balance the endocrine or organ systems.

The Isis pendulum is useful for any dowsing assignment: Testing foods, vitamins, herbs (receiving), then vitalizing foods, vitamins, herbs (sending). Medical diagnosis (receiving), treatment (sending).

Use the Isis pendulum for Investigation and discovery and any other inquiries requiring precise answers. The Isis pendulum is an all-purpose tool which is an essential addition to any dowser’s repertoire.

This pendulum is ideal for novice to advanced dowsers.

The Isis brass pendulum comes in three sizes: The Small Isis brass pendulum is a “small” pendulum only 2.7 cm and weighing in at about 4.0 gm. The larger 5.0 cm pendulum will fit the expectations of most users. For those looking for a larger, slightly heavier Isis pendulum, I recommend the “Super” Isis brass pendulum.

Size & Weight:

Small Isis: 2.7 cm / 4 gr – (1.06″ / 0.14 oz)
Large Isis: 5.0 cm / 26 gr – (1.97″ / 0.92 oz)
Super Isis: 6.0 cm / 31 gm – (2.36″ / 1.09 oz

Brass Isis pendulum sizes compared
Brass Isis pendulum sizes compared

Isis Pendulums available:

Beech Wood Isis Pendulum

Mahogany Wood Isis Pendulum

Small Brass Isis Pendulum

Large Brass Isis Pendulum

Super Brass Isis Pendulum

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