C-Rod Dowsing Rod


This miniature C-Rod or “Diagnostic” fits into the palm of your hand.

A useful dowsing/divining rod for measuring the boundaries of energy fields and in-close work.

13 gm / 11 cm – (0.46 oz / 4.33″)

C-Rod Dowsing Rod

The C-Rod Dowsing Rod is small, compact and lightweight. Also known as the “Diagnostic. This rod is a great dowsing rod that can be taken and used anywhere.

C-Rod with Ruler MeasurementA useful rod for measuring the boundaries of energy fields.

This small C-rod “Diagnostic” is a small dowsing rod measuring 11 cm in length that can fit into a shirt pocket or the palm of the hand.

The Diagnostic rod is made completely of brass and swivels from the inner sleeve on the horizontal axis. I typically hold this rod between the thumb and index finger and or middle finger.

I’ve used this rod for measuring up close, energy fields, auras, emf fields, and chakras.

C-Rod or Diagnostic Dowsing RodDue to it’s small size, the C-Rod is discrete and allows for intimate interaction with clients.

13 gm / 11 cm – (0.46 oz / 4.33″)

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