L-Rod Telescopic Dowsing Rod


The expandable / retractable Telescopic L-rod is portable, durable and is the perfect companion when space is limited. Expandable and retractable this L-Rod can be adjusted up to 26″.

You Get a set of two rods.

Telescopic L-Rod

The advantage of the Telescopic L-rod over the Spanish Resonator L-rod is its ability to retract and fold up allowing the user to carry it conveniently in a large pocket or in a back pack without requiring a lot of space.

Further, because the Telescopic L-rod is retractable, there is less chance of bending it or damaging it.

L-rods are one of the most familiar dowsing or divining rods known to most people. L-rods come in different sizes and are made from a variety of materials such as wood, copper or brass. Most L-rods are made with the lead end longer than the handle at a ratio of 3:1 which provides good balance and control.

Telescopic L-Rod
Telescopic L-Rod

L-rods may be used either singularly or as a pair providing the user with several dowsing options. Traditionally, the L-rods are used for discovery and measurement: Searching for water, sometimes called water-witching or water divining, prospecting for minerals such as gold and precious stones and even oil exploration.

L-rods are indispensable when searching for emf fields, Geopathic stress lines and negative energy radiation Grid lines. (To measure Hartmann Radiation Grid lines and Curry Lines which are vertical radiation lines, I would recommend using the Cosmos or Swiss dowsing rod.

Geopathic radiation are energy fields that are connected through and around the environment we live in. Normally associated with underground water movement such as streams and water veins, disturbances in the Earth due to excavation and other phenomena may result in emanations that are not just linear but also rise vertically. Such negative radiation fields turn the area to which they are associated SOUR leading to the popular term SICK HOMES or CANCER HOUSES.

Please Note: I sell devices to counteract, neutralize and/or eliminate emf and Geopathic influences and zones. See the ADR emf line of products available on this site.

L-rods are excellent for marking out energy lines, their direction, thickness and strengths.

L-rods are often employed in searching for lost items and measure auras or Bio-fields.

L-rods are not overly difficult to master but require some practice so that consistent results are obtained. Holding one or both of the L-rods in your hand(s) with a relaxed grip, making sure not to inhibit the free turning of the rod in the handle, and with both arms extended out front with the arms bent at 90 degrees and with the rods pointing slightly downward and parallel to the ground will give the best results.

18 cm retracted – 66 cm expanded / 124 gm
7.09″ retracted – 25.98″ expanded / 4.37 oz

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