Bobber Pro Dowsing Rod


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The Bobber Pro is one of the easiest and most sensitive Bobbers on the market suitable for any person, no matter the skill level.


Bobber Pro Dowsing Rod

The Bobber Pro dowsing rod is such a user friendly dowsing rod that even those of you with cement hands will appreciate how easily this Bobber responds to various emanations, radiations, and mental inquiries.

Bobber Pro with Handle, Washer and Ball InsertsThe Bobber Pro comes with an interchangeable washer and ball that inserts into the handle. You can adjust the action of the rod by shortening or lengthening the insert.

The Bobber Pro is a useful tool for indoor and outdoor field work. The Bobber Pro also makes for an excellent “horizontal pendulum”.

This multi-purpose bobber can be used for all dowsing and divining tasks.

The Bobber Pro is, in my opinion, one of the easiest Bobbers to work with and also offers an alternative for users that haven’t mastered the L-rod or V rod.

For some, using rods may take more time and practice to master than using a pendulum. Often, pendulum tasks are done sitting or standing, whereas rods are often employed while walking about, whether indoors or outdoors.

When using a dowsing rod, the dowser must not only be able to get accurate readings on the go, he must be able to hold the rod correctly so that the rod functions properly and he can get the rod to swing or bob accordingly. This can be a frustrating experience for some.

Whether you’re using the Aurameter, L-rod or a Bobber type rod, each rod has its own requirements that, once mastered, reward the operator in the same way a pendulum does. If you’re unsure of your dowsing skills or if you’re already a seasoned pro, you may want to consider adding the Bobber Pro Dowsing Rod to your dowsing tool kit.

The Bobber Pro is User Friendly

The Bobber Pro is very easy to use and operate and is a lightweight, multi-directional rod that can bob or swing on both the horizontal and vertical axis.

Bobber Pro with Washer and Ball InsertsThis Bobber comes with a 12 – 14 cm hollow wood handle with two inserts made from a thin gauge wire: one with a wood ball, the other with a brass washer head at the terminal end of the wire.

The action of this Bobber rod using either head provides for responsive, lively movement with excellent feedback and clear visual cues

The advantage of the ball or washer heads is the dowser has a choice of weight in how the rod feels, looks and responds. Because the inserts can be adjusted to length, tightened by a screw on the handle, the operator is able to adjust the “sensitivity” of the rod by deciding how long or short the wire lead is inserted into the handle.

The Bobber Pro dowsing rod is used for almost any dowsing assignment, whether indoors or outdoors. The dowser can measure energy fields, emf fields, Auric fields, search for items from water to minerals and for direction and orientation.

The Bobber Pro Dowsing Rod, along with the Spanish L-rod, is one of my favorite rods because of its ease of use and because it responds readily to any dowsing task. Even a hack dowser like myself gets excellent results due to the rod’s clear and precise feedback.

32 cm (or shorter) – 34 cm (or longer).

62.0 gm (combined weight, including both inserts).

12.6″ – 13.39″ (adjustable to less than 12″ or extended several inches longer than 13.39″).

2.19 oz (combined weight, including both inserts).


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