Divining Rod - V or Y Rod Classic


The Classic V or Y rod is the modern updated version of the alder or willow branch traditionally used to find water.

Comes with a removable brass tip that can be used as a witness chamber.

44 cm / 63 gm – (17.32″ / 2.22 oz)

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This handsome copper and brass Divining Y Rod is classical in form. This rod also comes with a removable brass witness chamber.

44 cm / 123 gm – (17.32″ / 2.22 oz)

Early Y rods or V rods were often fashioned from willow or hazel branches with the forked or Y shaped ends held in the hands and the opposing end pointing outwards.

Generally, the Y rod is held with the palms facing down. The rod will respond in an up or down motion.

The Y or V rod is closely associated with finding water and this method is sometimes known as Willow Witching, Water Witching or Water Divining and recalls a time when the practice and art of water divining also called “sourcier” or water sorcery was accepted and respected by the general population.

This elegant Classic Y or V rod has copper and brass coiled handles, a flexible sheathed steel body with a brass tip, including a removable brass witness chamber.

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