Triangle Brass Dowsing Pendulum


The basic Triangle brass dowsing pendulum, like the Teardrop brass pendulum, is one of the most recognized pendulum shapes in the world. This simple pendulum is easy to use and suitable for any level of dowser, making it a popular choice.

Triangle Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Triangle Brass Dowsing Pendulum or simple Triangle pendulum is analytical, probing, and a fine choice for map and chart reading. This basic dowsing pendulum is great for all dowsing assignments. It’s simple and easy to use.

Triangle Brass Dowsing Pendulum I keep a couple of different pendulums in my pendulum pouch and the Basic Large Triangle brass pendulum is always among them.

The Basic Triangle pendulum is slightly larger and more angular than the softly tapering Basic Teardrop brass pendulum.

The Basic Triangle pendulum is a versatile pendulum dependable for most dowsing assignments.

Its sharper tapered point allows for precision work when using charts and doing map dowsing.

A good pendulum for all levels of dowsers.

Teardrop, Small Triangle, Large Triangle Brass PendulumsTo the left, is a picture showing a relative size comparison of the Teardrop, Small Triangle, and the Large Triangle brass pendulums.

Left – Basic Teardrop: 2.7 cm / 18.0 gm – (1.06″ / 0.63 oz)
Middle – Small Basic Triangle: 2.5 cm / 6.0 gm – (0.98″ / 0.21 oz)
Left – Large Basic Triangle: 3.7 cm / 20.0 gm – (1.46″ / 0.71 oz)


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