Sodalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum


The Sodalite Crystal Pendulum increases consciousness, idealism and the striving for truth. Sodalite is the densest of the deep blue stones and enhances a person’s ability to think rationally.

Sodalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

The Sodalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum awakens the third eye and prepares the mind to receive the inner sight and intuitive knowledge. Because Sodalite is the densest and most grounded of the deep blue stones, it elicits deep thoughts by clearing the mind. Moreover, this gemstone contains silicate with sodium.

Your Sodalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

Sodalite lends to the mind the ability to think rationally and intellectually. This is a good gemstone for oversensitive and reactive people.

Sodalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum
Sodalite Crystal Pendulum

The stone helps clear old mental patterns from the subconscious to make way for conscious thinking.

The Sodalite Crystal Dowsing pendulum stimulates the mind and consciousness, enhance creativity and enhance intuition. It may also facilitate inner exploration of self and help oneself understand their life’s path.

Further, Sodalite strengthens self-reliance and the belief in Self. This is a stone of self-expression and enhances confidence. It enhances self-worth, self-esteem and acceptance.

Sodalite helps the person to strive for emotional balance, releasing old mental programming and patterns. By balancing the emotions, it allows for clear reasoning and mental clarity.

The Sodalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum is useful for meditation because it represents the Third Eye and stimulates the Pineal Gland. Due to Sodalite’s ability to balance emotions, it enhances the heightening of intuitive skills without the emotional noise.

More Sodalite Highlights

Sodalite Crystal, densest of the blue stones

Sodalite is helpful for career advancement because it enhances the will and discipline, necessary qualities for success and achievement. Use this crystal pendulum daily to help solve problems and glean direction in personal daily affairs.

You can use this stone for inspiration. Hold it while meditating, studying, or contemplation to allow new thoughts and ideas to enter the subconscious mind. The Sodalite pendulum is useful for questions, soul searching and finding meaning and purpose.

You can use the Sodalite Crystal pendulum to reduce anxiety, fears, and mental confusion. Sodalite is also useful to help strengthen the immune system and balance the body’s metabolism.

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