Hermetic Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber


The Hermetic Searcher Brass Pendulum is uniquely designed. By removing the top, the Hermetic Brass Pendulum reveals a smaller inner pendulum and witness chamber.

Hermetic Brass Pendulum with Witness Chamber

The Searcher Hermetic Brass pendulum with witness chamber is a unique pendulum because it has a second inner pendulum and a large “witness” chamber.

Hermetic Brass Pendulum with Hidden Inner Pendulum and Witness ChamberIt is a relatively heavy pendulum at approximately 44 grams compared to the Searcher Hybrid brass pendulum (10.0 gm) giving it a solid and reliable feel when in use.

The solid Hermetic Searcher brass pendulum is suitable for all types of dowsing assignments, making this a good pendulum for any serious dowser.

Use the Hermetic Searcher pendulum for any inquiries and dowsing tasks such as map, chart, healing, “searching and seeking” assignments. Due to its sturdy construction, this pendulum is true under a variety of conditions, indoors and out.

Witness Chamber

Some pendulum designs include a hollow cavity accessible by removing the top. Any substance, referred to as the “witness”, is placed inside the pendulum. Replace the lid and reseal the pendulum.

The purpose of adding a “witness” is to amplify and assist in attuning the pendulum and dowser to the object of inquiry. For example, when looking for water, oil or precious metals, a sample inside helps the pendulum vibrate to the contents.

If the dowser is doing healing work, place an herb or other substance inside the witness chamber. The intent of the healer, along with the contents, amplifies the properties in “sending” mode. In other words, the pendulum aids in imparting the beneficial substance vibration to the recipient.

Hermetic Brass Pendulum with Hidden Inner Pendulum and Witness ChamberAnother example is placing a small personal item inside the witness chamber, such as a lock of hair or nail clipping. This helps to attune the pendulum vibrationally to a particular person.

Witness Chambers are useful additions, allowing breakthroughs when dowsing tasks are difficult or for specific dowsing assignments.

The large Witness Chamber of the Hermetic Brass pendulum increases its usefulness by allowing the dowser to add a “witness” to its generous hollow cavity, thereby fine-tuning the pendulum’s sensitivity to specific inquiries.

The Hermetic brass pendulum is like two pendulums in one: when the top is unscrewed, another smaller pendulum is found within, along with a Witness Chamber.

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Dimension and weight of the Hermetic Bras Pendulum: 4.4 cm / 42.0 – 44.0 gm – (1.73″ / 1.48 – 1.55 oz)