Auraspring Bobber Dowsing Rod


The popular multi-directional Auraspring, a member of the Bobber family, is a long lightweight rod suitable for most dowsing assignments indoors or outdoors.

39 cm / 43 gm – (15.35″ – 1.52 oz)

Auraspring Bobber Dowsing Rod

The Auraspring Bobber Dowsing Rod belongs to the Bobber family. Common uses for the Auraspring is detecting energy fields, emf fields, bio-fields (auras), emanations, ghost, spirit work and searching / seeking tasks.

Auraspring Bobber Dowsing Rod

Simple to use and mentally program the Auraspring is a step up on the Basic Bobber.

The Auraspring is a versatile rod 30 – 32 cm (12 – 12.5″) long (not counting the handle) or approximately 39 – 40 cm from the handle to the tip.

The Auraspring bobber comes with a brass tip, wire lead with coil and a wooden handle. With its simple, clean design and excellent price point, the Auraspring is one of our best-selling dowsing rods.

Choosing the Right Dowsing Rod

Comment: If you find rods are slow to move or don’t give you the type of feedback that instills confidence, I recommend the Bobber Pro.

Pendulums and dowsing rods move differently for each person. For some people, the movement is strong and clear and for others; the movements are weak and uncertain. Of course, it’s the information we interpret from the rods that’s important, and less so how strongly a pendulum or rod moves in your hand. However, having a device that responds with easy-to-read movements makes the dowsing experience easier and more enjoyable.

I only say this to help you in selecting a rod that best suits your own particular style. I’m one of those people who likes to have direct, and clear movement with my rods. I know it has to do partly with me. However, some rods are easier to master than others.

Auraspring Bobber Dowsing RodThe Auraspring, 39 cm / 43 gm – (15.35″ – 1.52 oz) is a good dowsing rod. However, if you’re like me and find that some rods act like weighted sticks in your hands, then the Bobber Pro may be a better investment. The Bobber Pro has thinner gauge wire, which enhances the rod’s sensitivity with lots of action when taking readings.