Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum


This natural Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum reveals a beautiful blue tint because of the presence of opal.

Opalite is a transformative stone that also calms and brings on a feeling of serenity.

Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

Our Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum is made from a natural Opalite crystal. Most Opalite is synthetic or man-made glass because Opalite is rarely found in nature. Opalite naturally occurs in volcanoes when the volcanic ash cools down. Because volcanoes themselves are mostly inactive, it limits supplies of natural opalite. Therefore, most Opalite is man-made.

Natural Opalite Crystal Pendulum
Natural Opalite Crystal Pendulum

When found in nature, this crystal is amorphous, which means this gemstone has no crystalline structure.

There is some debate whether there is an energetic difference between natural Opalite and synthetic “glass” Opalite. I don’t want to diminish the beauty of man made Opalite. However, there must be an energetic difference between something lying in the earth for hundreds of years and something made in a factory.

Your Opalite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

This Opalite pendulum is natural. It looks similar to clear quartz, but with a translucent blue tint shining through it. For dowsing purposes, I’m selling the natural opalite because I believe it has a higher vibratory signature than the synthetic creations; or at the least a different vibratory energy.

Opalite contains silicon dioxide, another name for quartz crystal. This means Opalite is a “Transformer,” helping to alter our lives, presumably for the better.

Natural Opalite
Natural Opalite

The Opalite Crystal Dowsing pendulum helps transform relationships, health, and attitude. Use the Opalite Crystal pendulum for personal or client-based transformative sessions where change for the better is the outcome.

Finally, Opalite soothes and calms, reducing anxiety by conferring a sense of serenity. This makes it a useful crystal for developing a state of peace.

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Because this Opalite Crystal Dowsing pendulum is natural, there will be variations in color, shape and size. However, these variations make each pendulum unique and individual.