Obsidian Black Crystal Pendulum


The Obsidian Black Crystal Pendulum is cut from volcanic glass. The dark black color denotes a positive integration of our “dark side” and bringing to light a person’s untapped abilities.

Obsidian Black Crystal Pendulum

The Obsidian Black Crystal Pendulum, according to Katrina Raphaell in her book “Crystal Enlightenment,” is one of the most important teachers of all the New Age Stones. Another name for Black Obsidian is glass agate. However, because Black Obsidian forms from fast-flowing lava, we call it volcanic glass. Finally, Black Obsidian contains the combined elements of earth, water and fire, making this crystal a powerful transformative stone.

Obsidian Black Crystal Pendulum

Black Obsidian Crystal
Black Obsidian Crystal

Black Obsidian’s purpose is to take the mind through the darkened areas of the subconscious to establish identify in the super-conscious. It acts as a mirror that reflects the flaws of one’s nature and magnifies the fears, insecurities, and egocentric attitudes that suppress the soul’s superior qualities. Another name for Black Obsidian is “the warrior of truth.”

Black Obsidian is a master teacher and helps us understand the true meaning of the color black. Black, being the dense, the dark and the unknown. It is the polar opposite to the color white, which is the seen, the lightened and the known. Each of these expressions is the exact opposite of the other.

Black Obsidian can reveal how to bring more light into a darkened world. It allows the mind to discern all manifestations come from the same source. Black and white are equally powerful forms of light.

Using Your Obsidian Black Crystal Pendulum

Obsidian Black Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

The Obsidian black crystal pendulum resonates with the root chakra. Therefore, it’s a “grounding” stone and helps ground the user and allows the moving and clearance of excess energy.

Obsidian is a favorite of shamans and crystal gazers worldwide, and additionally, this pendulum helps you connect to your Spirit Guide or contact the Spiritual World. Furthermore, the Obsidian crystal pendulum acts as a strong protection stone by shielding the user from negative energy fields.

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