Lepidolite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum


The Lepidolite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum is known as the “Peacemaker” because it harmonizes and calms the emotions.

This healer’s pendulum absorbs negative energy fields, including emfs.

Lepidolite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

The Lepidolite Crystal Dowsing pendulum bears the name “Peacemaker.”

Lepidolite belongs to the mica group of minerals. Lialite is the original name for Lepidolite because of the gemstone’s natural lila

Lepidolite Crystal Pendulum
Lepidolite Crystal Pendulum

c and light purple color. This gemstone derives its name from the Greek word, “Lepidos” which means “scale” because of its scaly appearance due to the abundant flakes of lithium on its surface.

The Lepidolite Crystal pendulum is a mix of several colors ranging from lilac, violet, pale pink and white. Sometimes the crystal contains the colors grey or yellow, adding to its overall attractiveness.

Lepidolite contains several rare earth elements such as cesium and rubidium. Lepidolite is an important source of lithium, which is the lightest metal in the world.


You can find lithium in many electronic devices: rechargeable batteries, mobile phones, toasters, microwave ovens, air purifiers, aircraft parts. Further more doctors prescribe lithium as an anti-anxiety and mood-stabilizing drug to balance emotional highs and lows. As such, Lepidolite crystal is one of the best mood stabilizers in the world of gemstones because it’s high lithium content.


Using your Lepidolite Crystal pendulum while dowsing conveys a sense of calm and tranquility, making it an useful ally during times of stress and chaos. Using this crystal will help to balance the mind and spirit. This healing pendulum stimulates all Chakras, dissolving energy blocks and restores emotional balance.

Lepidolite Quartz Crystal
Lepidolite Quartz Crystal

Several authors state Lepidolite clears EMF pollution because it absorbs them. If the Lepidolite Crystal Dowsing pendulum absorbs and accumulates negative energies, it will require clearing to operate properly. Most crystal pendulums act as “emitters” and “senders” and require periodic clearing to maintain optimum function.

Because of Lepidolite’s ability to absorb “negative” energies, this pendulum is useful for healing energy work by unblocking stuck energy fields, Chakra work, and other higher awareness endeavours.

Lepidolite aids in transition work for anyone wishing to reach higher realms of consciousness.

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