Karnak Egyptian Brass Pendulum


The Karnak Egyptian Brass Pendulum is one of the most familiar dowsing pendulums from the family of Egyptian style pendulums.

Karnak Egyptian Brass Pendulum

The Karnak Egyptian Brass Pendulum is a copy of the sandstone pendulum found in a sarcophagus in Karnak, often called “The Valley of the Kings.”  Consequently, this classic Egyptian style pendulum was often used in the erecting of temples.

Karnak Egyptian Brass PendulumThe Karnak Temple dates back from somewhere between 2055 BC to 100 AD.

Karnak Temple "Valley of the Kings"

Amongst religious structures, the Temple of Karnak is one of the largest. Indeed, even after 2000 years, it remains as one of the wonders of the world.

The temple covers approximately 200 acres and is a place of pilgrimage, drawing people from around world.

The ancient Egyptians believe the earth at the end of the agricultural season requires new energy from the cosmos to replenish the soil for the next cycle. In honor of this, a magical ritual festival takes place annually at Karnak and Luxor, lasting 27 days.

The Karnak Pendulum Symbolizes the Ankh

The energetic signature or form of the Karnak pendulum is based on the Ankh a powerful Egyptian symbol. As a result, the Ankh imparts a high vibrational signal which increases its receptivity and accuracy as a dowsing tool.

The Karnak Egyptian Brass Pendulum is a versatile pendulum useful in almost all dowsing scenarios, capable in sending and receiving, healing, discovery, and divining.

Large Karnak Brass Pendulum

The Karnak brass pendulum is a self-cleansing pendulum and doesn’t require clearing using a salt solution. Finally, brass will tarnish and a periodic wiping with some metal polish and a soft cloth will restore your pendulum’s natural luster.

I sell several versions of the Karnak: Brass and Wood. The brass Karnak pendulum comes in two sizes, small (4.5 cm) and large (7.0 cm).

The Large Karnak pendulum weighs about 46 grams and is what I consider a heavier pendulum. In contrast, the Small Karnak is lighter at 15 grams, so consider what is appropriate to your dowsing style.

Whether you are new to dowsing or an old pro, the Karnak Egyptian brass pendulum always performs true to form.

This Egyptian pendulum with classic graceful curves and narrow waist is a popular pick.

To view the Karnak Beech Wood or Karnak Mahogany Pendulum, click the link.

Karnak Brass Pendulum Small & Large

 Brass Karnak, Small: 4.5 cm / 15.0 gm – (1.77″ / 0.53 oz)
Brass Karnak, Large: 7.0 cm / 46.0 gm – (2.76″ / 1.62 oz)