Gold Quartz Crystal Pendulum


The Gold Quartz Crystal Dowsing Pendulum is also known as the “Golden Healer.”

A useful pendulum to enhance healing on all levels and communication over distance.

Gold Quartz Crystal Pendulum

The Gold Quartz Crystal Pendulum is a powerful pendulum associated with raising the holder’s energy vibration or frequency. Often called the “Golden Healer” it’s said this crystal will facilitate spiritual communications over distance, including between worlds and dimensions.

Gold Quartz Crystal Pendulum

Golden Quartz crystal contains yellow or golden iron oxide minerals coating under or in between layers of crystal or silicon dioxide. Colors range from a pale, clear yellow to lemon to darker mustard. They often show a rainbow when placed under a light source.

The Golden Healer Quartz pendulum is dense in appearance and ranges from clear to milky, depending on the specimen.

Symbolism of the Gold Quartz Crystal Pendulum

Although Golden Healer quartz is probably more famous for its metaphysical qualities, it has value in the world of physical healing, where it is a welcome tool for healers.

Golden Quartz is a master healing stone representing a high vibratory rate because of the golden color it emits. The energy is powerful, but gentle and soothing.

When using this pendulum, it raises the dowser’s frequency / vibration, strengthening healing and for asking questions, especially at a distance.

Authorities claim this crystal conveys “success” and increases creativity and self-confidence. The Golden Healer is helpful in meditation by helping to maintain focus.

Specifically, crystal healers use the Golden Healer Quartz pendulum to cleanse and enhance all organs of the body. Use it to stimulate the body’s immune system, reduce tension, and provide relief for those who struggle with a range of debilitating stomach problems.

Overall, its energy stimulates systemic healing on all levels, making it beneficial in all healing assignments. In addition, it may promote the recognition of techniques and methods required to further recovery in all disorders.

Golden Quartz Crystal

Hold the Golden Healer Quartz pendulum when meditating in order to connect with Source energy. You can also place this pendulum under the massage or healing table, in order to fill the area with sustainable and gentle energy all throughout the healing period. You can also place the Golden Healer on a grid or altar in order to raise the vibration or frequency that you want.

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Note, color and hue may vary from batch to batch.

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