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Adermark is virtually located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and selling to customers around the world since 2003.

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Adermark Specializing in Tools For Inner Growth and Wellness

I encourage everyone to explore the joy of dowsing. Dowsing is a wonderful way of tapping into finer parts of ourselves to reveal more subtle information that is inaccessible by our very busy conscious mind.

People approach dowsing differently. Because there is no right or wrong way to approach dowsing, or how to dowse, for that matter, dowsing attracts a wide variety of people whatever their beliefs.

For example, some people approach dowsing mystically or spiritually, while others approach it with a keen and scientific mind. Whatever the position, dowsing will work without bias for all sincere practitioners. Generally, to successfully dowse, all it takes is practice and an application of the dowsing principles.

A Quality Pendulum or Dowsing Rod Helps

Brass Isis pendulum, Beech Wood Doppelmermet pendulum and Orgone Chakra layered crystal pendulum
What style of pendulum do you prefer?

Dowsing is not only an art but a skill that rewards the faithful dowser. However, achieving successful results is often challenging because there are so many variables that can affect a dowsing exercise. For example, dowsing takes energy and if you’re sick, you’ll find dowsing responses may be inaccurate. Further, weather can play a role in whether a dowsing session is successful or just a waste of time. Therefore, using a quality dowsing pendulum or rod can go a long way in facilitating your dowsing experience.

Therefore, I sell premium quality pendulums and dowsing rods of fine workmanship and quality. Professional and amateur dowsers alike will appreciate the accuracy and ease that arises from a well-balanced pendulum or rod.

Currently, I sell brass pendulums, wood pendulums and crystal / gemstone pendulums. Overall, you can use any pendulum for most dowsing assignments. However, there are subtle differences, and each person will find the pendulum that meets their needs. I generally have two or three favorite pendulums I keep in my pendulum pouch because I often find one works better for me in certain cases. Similarly, an artist doesn’t paint using only one type of paint brush but has several on hand, depending on the requirements at hand.

Dowsing Rods

Auraspring Dowsing Rod
Using a quality dowsing tool makes the dowsing exercise easier.

For sale are a variety of dowsing or divining rods useful for any type of dowsing assignment. For example, I have rods for locating water, oil, minerals, gold, oil, silver prospecting, energy work / healing, and discovery.

Look at dowsing rods as horizontal pendulums. Pendulums are easier to use in a stationary position, such as sitting at a desk or with a client. However, dowsing rods use the same mental programming as pendulums, but are much more practical when walking. For example, when trying to locate water outdoors, you’ll be traversing over rough terrain. Obviously, it’s going to be easier to work with a dowsing rod while moving than trying to read a pendulum.

Adermark Also Features ADR EMF Protection Products

ADR Protect EMF personal protection and the ADR Shield for home and office.
The ADR EMF devices and mats reduce the effects of EMF radiation.

Today, electromagnetic (EMF) sensitivity is on the increase. Prior to the eighteenth century, many common diseases we accept as normal today did not exist. For example, doctors could go through an entire career without encountering a case of cancer or diabetes. Statistics show that today the level of EMFs is 100,000 times greater than it was in 1879. And as we move into the age of artificial intelligence, the electromagnetic matrix we globally live in will continue to have consequence upon all living organisms. Therefore, it makes good sense to protect yourself against the effects of EMF fields on the human body.

The ADR EMF line of protection tools is a scientifically proven and an economical way to reduce the effects of EMFs on the body or in the environment. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, don’t wait until you exhibit signs of EMF sensitivity because once EMF sensitivity sets in, it rarely goes away. And, if you’re already EMF sensitive, not to worry, you’ll find within the ADR product line a device that reduces symptoms or blocks electrical fields.

Pinhole Glasses

Pinhole Glasses are a natural and safe way to improve vision.
Model wearing Aviator style pinhole glasses for myopia.

Many people go to the eye doctor when their eyesight fails and end up with a prescription to correct their vision. Generally, farsightedness and nearsightedness are two of the most common eyesight problems people experience. Thus, the eye doctor writes a corrective prescription but never suggests that you can improve your vision naturally.

Using Pinhole Glasses is not new, and this natural technique, along with eye exercises, dates back hundreds of years. Yes, it’s possible to restore eyesight naturally using the Natural Eyes Vision Training Kit. To learn more, see our selection of Pinhole Glasses for adults and children because natural vision is clearly in sight.

Atlantis Jewellery

Atlantis Ring
Atlantis Ring for protection and luck.

The Atlantis Ring, along with the Atlantis Pendant, and the Atlantis Cross are items discovered in the second half of the 19th century in the Valley of Kings in Egypt. Interestingly enough, the Atlantis Ring and Pendant bear a symbol many believe originally from the Lost Continent of Atlantis Indeed, many believe just before the destruction of Atlantis, thousands escaped and took residence in Egypt and the Great Work of building the pyramids began.

There is an interesting story surrounding Howard Carter, the archaeologist who survived the “curse of the Tutankhamon mummy”. According to historical documents, at the entrance of the Tutankhamon’s tomb, an ominous inscription threatened anyone who dared to disturb the Pharaoh’s eternal slumber. Within a two-year period, eighteen people apparently met a sudden or inexplicable death relating to the “curse”. Surprisingly, Howard Carter was the only person unaffected by this deadly chain of events. Whatever the reason is, no one can say for sure, but many believe the reason was his protective amulet, the Atlantis ring.

Many claim the Atlantis symbol on the ring and pendant energetically enhances the fortunes of the person who wears it.

Adermark, Tools for Inner Growth and Wellness.