Rose Quartz High Quality Crystal Dowsing Pendulum with Chain


Rose Quartz High Quality Crystal Pendulum is cut from the inner rock and is generally a darker pink color and more translucent than regular “pink” quartz.

This Rose Quartz pendulum comes with a chain and bead.

High Quality Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum

Rose Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide and a member of the Quartz family.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

It’s an easy to find crystal and occurs abundantly in several places around the world. It only occurs in large formations but has no edges, faces or terminations.

The color is typically a soft rose color hazy to translucent. The color of Rose Quarts is very pale to a creamy deep pink.

This High Quality Rose Quartz pendulum embodies the noblest of love and compassion and will influence both the sender and the receiver when undertaking any dowsing assignment.

Carrying the Rose Quartz pendulum on your person, in a pendulum pouch is a good way of receiving the blessings of this unique crystal.

On this site I sell two types of Rose Quartz pendulums: a regular quality and a higher quality cut. The difference is that the higher quality Rose Quartz pendulum is cut from the deeper core of the stone which is creamier and more translucent than the regular cut. Regular cut Rose Quartz pendulums are very pale pink with transparent or clear veins.

Rose Quartz High Quality Crystal Pendulums
Rose Quartz High Quality Crystal Pendulums

Rose quartz is associated with the “heart” chakra and as a consequence is connected to concepts of “love” and all its variations.

Examples of types of Love are Spiritual, self-love, romance, family, brotherhood, etc., and they all fall under the aegis of the Rose Quartz vibration.

Holding and using a Rose Quartz pendulum is said to amplify the higher qualities of the heart and enhance empathy and sympathy for self and others.

Rose Quartz can also be helpful for dream states, dream recall and can be useful in balancing emotions by awakening compassion, self-esteem, forgiveness, tolerance. Rose Quartz helps to bring out the best in the holder.

Rose Quartz releases suppressed emotional states that have arisen due to traumas, abuse, guilt, negative imprinting and allows for a gentle, kind resolution.

Rose Quartz, due to its connection to the heart is said to benefit the heart and circulatory system however many of the benefits discussed above relate to the higher symbolic emotional attributes of the Heart energy.

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