Premium Pendulum Pouch, Leather, Small


Made from durable leather with a snap fastener this is one of the best pendulum pouches on the market.

Premium Leather Pendulum Pouch

This premium quality leather pendulum pouch will outlast most fabric pouches and last years without need for replacement.

This small leather pendulum pouch is perfect for a couple of pendulums, or small crystals and stones.

The small leather pendulum pouch come in an assortment of colors: black, brown, red, white or blue.

You don’t get to pick the color because it’s a random selection. However if you have a preference, leave me a note and I will try to accommodate you. I cannot guarantee it because it depends what is currently in stock.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to try out and use a variety of pendulum pouches.

Small Leather Pendulum Pouch
Small Leather Pendulum Pouch

Many of the pendulum pouches I tried were made from fabric, faux leather, velvet or felt. Some pendulum pouches used draw-strings, Velcro or snaps to close the pouch.

However, I found that each pouch had a deficiency over time when used in real life situations. I say over time because not all problems reveal themselves immediately. The true test is how they perform 6 months or two years later.

Many of the pendulum pouches I tried became worn, developed holes or did not close satisfactorily. Further, they allowed dirt and lint to enter the pouch. Others allowed the string or chain to dangle out of the pouch or the pendulum escaped from the pouch itself.

A Better Pouch

What I was looking for in a pendulum pouch was something that could withstand the rigors of “pocket life” when the pouch is in a trouser pocket.

It must be able to withstand the friction and chafing that takes place in a pocket that has other things in it like car keys, pens, coins and other paraphernalia.

Further the pendulum pouch must not wear, fray, or develop holes which compromises its purpose and necessitates buying a replacement pouch.

Small Pendulum Pouch with Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum
Small Pendulum Pouch & Abbe Mermet Brass Pendulum

The other attribute I was looking for in my pendulum pouch was the ability to keep the contents of the pouch in the pouch.

I discovered that certain materials were too thin to hold heavy items, which not only led to an erosion of the pouch material from within but the pouch was also not reliable in keeping the contents of my pendulum pouch from eventually ending up in my pocket.

After searching around I finally came across the small and large leather pendulum pouches that I sell on my site.

The small leather pendulum pouch sits comfortably in my pocket and after 3 years of use still looks new. More importantly, this pouch has never leaked any of its contents into my pocket.

My leather pouch holds a couple of small pendulums along with some small gem stones and auguries given to me by fellow dowsers.

Now you can carry your pouch in your pocket with the knowledge that your dowsing tools are safely kept separated from your coins and pocket lint.

Height 5.0 cm x Width 7.5 cm / 8.0 gm
Height 1.97″ x Width 2.95″ / 0.28 oz

For larger size brass and wood pendulums use the Large Leather Pendulum Pouch. Click the picture to order the Large Pendulum Pouch.

Small and Large Pendulum Pouches Compared
Small & Large Pendulum Pouch
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