Aventurine Green Dowsing Pendulum with Chain


Also known as Fuchsite Quartz Crystal, this Aventurine Green Crystal Faceted Pendulum comes with a chain and bead.

Green Aventurine is also known as Fuchsite Quartz Crystal.

Aventurine is derived from Italian and means, “by chance” and refers to the Italian glass discovered when a glass worker accidentally dropped metal filings in a vat of melting glass back in the 1700s.

Later, the name “Aventurine” was applied to the natural stone which looked similar to the man-made version.

Green Aventurine is called the “prosperity” or “good luck” stone. Aventurine is said to promote joy, optimism and good fortune.

Aventurine is often used to attract money, love or objects and helps to increase success.

As a pendulum Aventurine helps in seeking answers to questions and for the projection of positive, high-grade emanations.

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