UFO Brass Dowsing Pendulum for Discovery


The UFO brass pendulum is an all-purpose pendulum suitable for map charting and healing work. Stable in outdoor conditions.

UFO Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The UFO Brass Pendulum is good for map work and discovery.

A well-known pendulum recommended because of its ability to give precise readings in outdoor conditions, the UFO brass pendulum is also a good dowsing tool for inquiry, map, chart and healing assignments.

The UFO brass pendulum is a good diagnostic tool suitable for healing. The pendulum is used to accurately pinpoint points on the body for diagnostic feedback and information.

UFO Brass Pendulum for Map Dowsing
UFO Brass Pendulum for Map Dowsing

The UFO pendulum is steady when used in outdoor conditions.

The UFO Brass pendulum is an alternative to the Beech Wood UFO pendulum. This pendulum is about half the size but double the weight relative to its Beech wood counterpart.

Among its other attributes, the UFO’s aerodynamic shape gives it good stability in windy situations making it a reliable performer for outdoor questing.

The UFO brass dowsing pendulum has a rounded double-terminate shape with a large disc bisecting radially at the center.

A Short Comment on Map Dowsing

When it comes to map dowsing not all dowsers agree on its effectiveness.

A simple method of map dowsing is to create a grid on the map. Using a pendulum or rod dowse over each grid square until there’s a “hit”.

Although results may indicate the existence of the object of inquiry as taken from the map dowsing, more often the results aren’t confirmed on the ground.

Preconceived ideas or anything leading to auto-suggestion will contaminate true readings. But there is room to admit some dowsers are more successful “mental” dowsing than others.

George Applegate in his book, The Complete Book of Dowsing comments: “Map dowsing, or surveys of a distant area, I believe to be quite within the power of some dowsers. But I think by its nature, it is likely to be less general in practice and less accurate in result. While its mention as a dowsing practice is apt to put the whole of dowsing into the realm of witchcraft for a great many people.”

The advantage of map dowsing, for those with the ability for it, is it is done in a comfortable setting. Map dowsing is also useful in determining whether an area is suitable for further investigation.

The advantage of the aerodynamically shaped UFO brass pendulum is it’s effective indoors for dowsing over grids and stable outdoors. Due to terrain and wind the UFO pendulum may work more effectively than a rod.

Brass UFO Dowsing Pendulum: 2.8 cm / 28.0 gm – (1.10″ / 0.99 oz)

Beech Wood UFO Dowsing Pendulum: 4.8 cm / 10.0 gm – (1.89″ / 0.35 oz)

There is also a Beech Wood version of the UFO pendulum available. The wood version is larger but lighter.

UFO Beech Wood Pendulum
Beech Wood UFO Pendulum



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