Triangle Small Simple Brass Dowsing Pendulum


A smaller and lighter version of the Large Basic Triangle brass pendulum.

Triangle Small Simple Brass Pendulum

The Basic Small Brass Triangle pendulum is one of my smallest and lightest brass pendulums.

Basic Small Triangle Brass Pendulum
Basic Small Triangle Brass Pendulum

This pendulum is analytical, probing and a fine choice for map and chart reading. The Basic Triangle or Simple pendulum is great for any dowsing assignments and is simple, and easy to use.

I keep a couple of different pendulums in my pendulum pouch and the Basic (Large) Triangle is always among them.

The Basic Triangle pendulum is more angular than the softly shaped Basic Teardop.

The picture below shows the size of the Teardrop brass pendulum compared to the Triangle brass pendulums.

Left – Basic Teardrop: 2.7 cm / 18.0 gm – (1.06″ / 0.63 oz)
Middle – Small Basic Triangle: 2.5 cm / 6.0 gm – (0.98″ / 0.21 oz)
Left – Large Basic Triangle: 3.7 cm / 20.0 gm – (1.46″ / 0.71 oz)

Comprison sizes of the Teardrop & Triangle Simple brass pendulums
Comparison sizes of Teardrop & Triangle Simple Pendulums
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