Spiral Left-Turn Brass Dowsing Pendulum


The Spiral brass pendulum is a general use pendulum and an excellent choice for mapping work, charts. pinpointing locations, directions, etc.

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Spiral Left-Turn Brass Dowsing Pendulum

The Spiral Left-Turn Brass dowsing pendulum spirals downward in a left direction. The Spiral pendulum is also known as the “Vortex” pendulum. Some authorities say that it creates a vortex action that amplifies whatever energy it contacts.

Spiral Left-turn pendulum great for maps and charts
Spiral Pendulum is a good charting & mapping tool.

I can’t comment on the above statement however I have found it, maybe due to its spiraling downward action when spinning, to be a precise tool when pouring over maps, charts, blue prints etc with pin-point accuracy.

Following the vortex idea the Spiral brass pendulum is also an excellent tool for inquiries, body work, and seeking assignments.

The Spiral brass pendulum or “vortex” pendulum, is helpful reading maps, charts, or any type of dowsing assignment when precision is the goal.

This pendulum is of European construction.

6.5 cm / 25.0 gm – (2.56″ / 0.88 oz)

Chart Dowsing

For many dowsers using Pendulum charts is an effective method of obtaining answers on specific subjects. Chart dowsing takes practice to master but adds another skill to the dowser’s repertoire.

The chart contains specific statements of reference. Hold the pendulum over the chart. Ask questions and the pendulum moves over the particular reference revealing the answer.

There are lots of different types of charts. For example, you could use a “Vitamin Chart”, “Food Supplement Chart”, “Chakra Chart”, “Automobile Chart”, etc.

The Spiral or “Vortex” pendulum works well charts.

Pendulum Chart
Nutrition & Food Allergy Chart

Pictured is an example of a Nutrition & Food Allergy Chart taken from Dale Olson’s “The Pendulum Charts“.

Sample questions using a pendulum:

This body is in need of what food_____?

This body has an excess of what food____?

The body is in need of Alkaline / Acidic foods?

This body has allergic reactions to foods in what group?

To what degree is this reaction___%___

This body has an adverse reaction to_____?


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