Conical Beech Wood Dowsing Pendulum


The Conical or Pear-Shaped Beech wood pendulum is light-weight, neutral and easy to use. Suitable for all levels of dowsers this pendulum is recommended by the physicist and author Barbara Ann Brennen in her book: Hands of Light…

Conical Beech Wood or Pear-Shaped Pendulum

The Conical Beech wood dowsing pendulum is a versatile pendulum for any dowsing task. This pendulum is excellent for recording and working with energy systems, such as taking Chakra readings.

This wood pendulum is a light-weight, neutral, teardrop or pear-shaped style pendulum suitable for dowsers of all levels.

This attractive, sleek pendulum with sloping lines and a long tapering tip is quick in its action giving clear feedback and response.

When there is more than one type of energy field present, these fields can overlap, blend or bleed. This pear-shaped wood pendulum is the ideal tool because resists competing energy fields.

Conical or Pear-Shaped Beech Wood Pendulum
Barbara Ann Brennan recommends this pendulum in “Hands of Light”.

For example, when measuring chakras on a client, the specific chakra emits a radiation signature specific to its location on the body. The dowser, who takes the reading is in close proximity to the client and both fields of the dowser and client can blend affecting readings and results.

Further, there may be other ambient radiations in the environment influencing readings. Using a “neutral” pendulum helps the dowser record true and uninfluenced readings. This pear-shaped pendulum is an ideal dowsing tool due to its organic shape and material composition.

The Pendulum Barbara Ann Brennan Recommends

The Conical Beech wood pendulum is highly recommended by the physicist and author, Barbara Ann Brennan in her book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field.

The shape of the Conical pear-shaped Beech wood pendulum, according to Barbara Ann Brennen, is symmetrical around its vertical axis. This is important when measuring energy fields.

Barbara Brennan says, “The best way I have found to start sensing the states of the Chakras is to use a pendulum. This device helps increase your sensitivities to the energy flow because it acts as an amplifier. The best pendulums for this purpose are made of Beech wood and are pear-shaped.”

I also sell a Conical Beech Wood pendulum with a witness chamber. A witness chamber is a cavity in the body of the pendulum where a small item or “witnesses” is inserted. This helps to “tune” the pendulum through resonance and increases its effectiveness.

Conical Beech Wood Pear-Shaped Pendulum: 6.0 cm / 12.0 gm – (2.36″ / 0.42 oz)

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