Book, Sleep Well Be Healthy (Dowsing Instructions, Geopathic Detection)


Sleep Well Be Healthy by John Living with Case Histories by Kathe Bachler.

Simple Ways to Overcome Noxious Earth Energies – So You, and Your Family can Sleep Well and Be Healthy.

64 pages.



Sleep Well, Be Healthy is a book I highly recommend to add to your library for anyone who wants to explore the negative energies that surround us, affect us, and want to know how to improve them.

This book, Sleep Well, Be Healthy is an alternative book to John’s previous book, Your Pendulum.

This book contains the added studies of Kathe Bachler from Austria who wrote a book titled, Earth Radiation, the startling discoveries of a dowser.

In Earth Radiation, a somewhat hard book to find, Kathe put forth new advances in the causation of cancer, allergies, arthritis, learning difficulties and many other diseases.

The latter half of Sleep Well Be Healthy contains work from John’s previous book, Your Pendulum with directions on how to work with dowsing rods and pendulums.

One of the primary suggestions I give to my students is that they check the “energy” around their sleeping area and any other area where they might spend several hours at a time.

In our environment we are constantly exposed to various energies positive and negative.

If we spend many hours in one spot, such as when sleeping for example, 6 – 8 hours a day, then the type of energies that surround us becomes paramount as to whether we will enjoy vigor, health and a long life or become tired, weak and sick.

Sleep Well Be Healthy will provide a few examples from Kathe Bachler’s research which can help you determine the energetic state of affairs of your home and work spaces.

Once you discover if your environmental spaces are positive or negative you can use tools to correct the situation, either at the personal level or at the environmental level.

Please see my section on EMF tools which can be used to improve your personal and / or improve the energy dynamics in your home / work environment. I’ve used the ADR line of products for at least fifteen years and have been extremely happy with the results and benefits, not just for my personal self but for hundreds of others as well.



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